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PICTURE: Interview with Mike Rowe for Discovery Channel's "How Booze Built America" 2012

My Story

I’m English, a Red Coat or Limey as the locals call me. I arrived in Boston on a harsh winter’s day, and quickly sought the refuge of a pub to escape from the piercing wind. It was an Irish bar. I washed down a bowl of tasty clam chowder with a pint of Sam Adams by a log fire. I remember pondering how my ancestors, whom I had followed across the Atlantic, would have quenched their thirst and appetite as they came ashore in Boston? And so the seed was first planted to grow my understanding of Boston taverns.

As I began this research I soon discovered, with some disappointment, that people had done little over time to manage the heritage of Boston taverns. Let's change that. Please join me in a quest to preserve our tavern legacy!

Boston tavern tour walkGavin R. Nathan was born in England, where he developed a passion for old pubs. Since arriving in Boston he began a quest to unearth the history of local taverns, writing the book "Historic Taverns of Boston". Today Gavin takes every opportunity to promote and preserve Boston’s tavern heritage, advising local taverns on authenticity, speaking engagements and the Boston Tavern Tour.

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